Sarah & Manuel Mejia about us Matchstick - Cove Studio Design

Our Story begins with boy meets girl (as most stories like these do)...

He was from Mexico and I was from Canada - he came to Canada to learn English and I suddenly experienced the overwhelming desire to learn Spanish… He eventually had to head back to Mexico and thus began our long distance relationship (without the joys of modern social media… three cheers for MSN Messenger!)
Five years and many visits later, we had a destination wedding and were married in the Fall of 2008 in Mexico joined by our wonderful family and friends. We moved back to Canada and settled into married life.

Fast forward…

After almost 9 years of working at the same Graphic Design job (an amazing job that I was more than blessed to have), I got to the point in my career where I started wondering if there was more to life than working a 9 to 5. My husband was on the same page - after many years of dead end jobs and no opportunity. We decided to do something about it. Now don’t get the wrong impression; we were never the go-out-and-conquer-the-world kind of people. I thought and wrestled with leaving my job for almost three years. I didn’t have the guts to do it. The unknown and fear of failure were always at the back of my mind preventing me from moving forward.

After rolling way past the point of dissatisfaction and after much prodding from our faithful friends, we went for it. Both my husband and I gave our notice and here we are!

It hasn’t been easy; it has been a lot of work and pushing past the “what if's”, but we’ve never been happier. Worth it? Yes.

For us this is so much more than just branding, marketing or graphic design.Cove Studio was born out of the belief that it is possible to change the world and to have the life you always dreamed of. Our passion is for everyone we come in contact with to thrive in life; to do what fulfills them and to discover their greatest purpose. And with this at the forefront of our minds; we do business.